Kauai Nui Kuapapa Project

Kauai Nui Kuapapa Project

Presenters include

  • Dr. Kanoe Ahuna
  • Dr. Keao NeSmith
  • Canen Hookano
  • Dave DeLuca
  • Randy Whichman

About Kaua‘i Nui Kuapapa

“Kaua‘i Nui Kuapapa” (Kaua‘i of great genealogies) is a cultural and historical project developed by Nā Hōkū Welo LLC in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor of the County of Kaua‘i that entails signage, website support and merchandise. The various types of media integrated into Kaua‘i Nui Kuapapa demonstrate 21st century technology in new and exciting ways that are interactive, informative, attractive, and fun. The project identifies Kaua‘i’s five moku (major districts expanding from Kaua‘i’s highest mountain, Wai‘ale‘ale, to the sea), with Ni‘ihau as the sixth moku of the County, and with Kaua‘i Island’s estimated fifty-four ahupua‘a (subdivision within a moku), as well as waterways touching Kaua‘i’s main roadways through signage, and prominent, well-known features of the island.

Today, traditional names of many parts of Kaua‘i are not commonly known. Many kama‘āina (locals) and malihini (visitors) have an interest in learning more about traditional place names and stories connected to particular places on our island and the things that make our island home unique and wonderful. The overall goal is to educate kama‘āina and malihini about place names, stories and cultural aspects associated with particular places, moku and ahupua‘a, wise stewardship over our land and environment, and a sense of community and caring for each other.

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