Hinaleimoana Wong is a community leader, teacher, kumu hula and cultural practitioner.  Her roots are found on the island of Oʻahu yet has family ties throughout Hawaiʻi.  She currently teaches incarcerated men within the Hawaiʻi prison system and can often be found helping many within her family and social circles.  Hinaleimoana became a highly recognized face amongst other Kanaka Maoli pro-independence advocates after the continued success of her documentary film “Kumu Hina” and the shorter youth friendly rendering entitled “A Place In The Middle”. 

Hina is a sought after inspirational speaker and counselor to many and currently also serves as a caregiver within her family.  Hinaleimoana has served in the field of education and social work for over 25 years.  She is a dedicated member to not only her own Hawaiian community but also to the Hawaiʻi based Tongan community and is quite engaged with her extended Polynesian family as an active participant of Siasi ʻo Tonga Tauʻataina (Free Church of Tonga).  Among Hinaleimoanaʻs highest accolades are the White House Challenge Award for Social Change given by Hawaiʻiʻs own President Barack Obama and the National Education Association Ellison Onizuka award for social justice in Hawaiʻi.